The Bias Within History

In the face of great change in this generation, many of us are beginning to question information of the past. “History repeats itself” is an infamous saying that spans across all horizons, but remains true at every core. Just as the Enlightenment during the Scientific Revolution was centered around fact-checking and deriving the legitimacy of […]


Let’s Appreciate History

In celebration of Black History Month, I figured it’d be fitting to write an appreciation post about history. But, rather than focusing on specifically black history, I’m here to make a case for history as a whole.“History” gets a bad rap because of what we’re accustomed to as students (assuming like me, you’re not a […]

Enjoy the Jewish Museum, No Tribe Membership Required

“BUT WE’RE NOT EVEN JEWISH!!!” A little girl shrieks at her mother at the edge of the entrance to the Isaac Mizrahi: An Unruly History exhibit. Clearly exasperated, and even more embarrassed, the woman whispers something sharply in her daughter’s ear before yanking her small, squirming frame into the display room. Later, my ever-keen grandmother told […]

Teatro Círculo Comes to Baruch’s Nagelberg Theater

For nine days only, Teatro Círculo, the popular Hispanic theater group, recreated Carmena Rivera’s La caída de Rafael Trujillo at Baruch College’s Nagelberg Theater. La Caída de Rafael Trujillo, or The Fall of Rafael Trujillo, tells the story of the oppressed peoples in the Dominican Republic under the leadership of Rafael Trujillo. Throughout his time as dictator of […]

Exploring the CCNY Neighborhood

City College is located in one of Manhattan’s most iconic districts: Hamilton Heights, which stretches between 135th and 155th, and the Hudson River and Edgecombe Avenue. Here are few attractions in the area, from the campus itself to its nearby restaurants. City College For over a hundred years, City College has defined the neighborhood’s landscape. […]

A Wrinkle in Time?

We’ve all had this moment: one instant we’re too tired or distracted to think about the words coming out of our mouths and the next thing we know, we’ve said something that, to put it lightly, doesn’t exactly reflect that brilliant, intellectually stimulating side of ourselves. Ever wish you could change history to erase that […]