Although they seem like 2 completely different genres and types of shows, “Kpop” on Broadway and Harry Styles’ 15-night long NYC residency for his “Love on Tour” have a lot in common. New York City is home to many different art forms, some of its most popular ones being Broadway shows and concerts. Despite their differences in audience and performance, both forms of shows are brought together in different ways, such as…

– Actor or artist interactions with fans both onstage and after the show. Styles is known for his interaction with fans during his concerts, reading signs, having conversations with fans, and constantly thanking the audience for their attendance. Similarly, Broadway actors also interact with their fans after the show, signing playbills, taking pictures, and talking to fans.
– Outfit or costume selection. Outfits play a major role in telling a story and establishing the character. Costumes are constantly being changed throughout a show. Although Styles does not change his outfit during the show, he is known for wearing unique outfits consisting of different patterns, colors, and fabrics. Every show has a different outfit and fans around the world look forward to each outfit reveal.
– Choreography. In both broadway and concerts, dance is everything. Dance helps tell a story on Broadway and accompanies the music. In a concert, the level of choreography varies. While some artists have backup dancers and extensive months of choreography rehearsal, Styles is an exception to this. He brings energy to the stage through dance and movement every day.
– And of course, live music. . Do I need to explain more? KPop on Broadway is a musical that revolves around music. Concerts are…(obviously) all about music.

For my video, I utilize TikTok because who doesn’t use TikTok? I wanted to keep my visual short and simple and something that would appeal to people my age because I know how much easier it is to digest information through TikTok.