By Leah Kassai

In my project I chose two female artist who made sculptures, exhibited in New York City, which allude to the exploitation of women in society today. Kara Walker created ‘A Subtlety or the Marvelous Sugar Baby’, a 75.5 feet long, 35.5 feet tall, and 26 feet wide sphinx, bleached in white,
and made completely out of sugar paste, polystyrene, plastic, molasses, marzipan, fruits, and nuts, which was shown in the Domino Sugar Refinery. The figure was in a sphinx position to show vulnerability of females and the sexual abuse and exploitation they were treated with. My second artist, Kristen Visbel, created a little girl, made completely out of bronze was was placed in opposition to the charging bull. With her art and materials she alludes to the gender employment gap and lack of women in leadership roles, and shows the strength and determination of women today. Both artists address issues women face in society, whether socially, or economically, however they do so in a completely different manner.

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