By Tasbeeh Alsilwi and Yasmeen Muthana

In this project, we will present our perspectives regarding art and how anything can be transformed into art through a series of slides. The topic was  inspired by the things we learned and found remarkable while taking MHC 101: Arts in New York City.

Tasbeeh’s comment: I hope this presentation can change peoples perception on art, and allow them to grow to appreciate and recognize the art that is all around them!

Yasmeen’s comment: I hope the audience is inspired to be creative and to approach art with an open mind. In addition to  making an effort to devote more attention to our surroundings and spend some time appreciating the art that surrounds us in New York City.

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These are some of the pictures that we took on our own. They are included in the slides however, they are included here to allow you to take a better look at them.
Before asking you to explore art in your surroundings, we took the first step and took pictures of the cafes we frequently visited. Because we frequently rush by cafés and/or study inside of them, we didn\’t previously consider them to be artistic creations. However, we changed the way we thought about cafes and spent time appreciating the art that is on display there.