This is a propaganda poster that portrays the gentrification of Astoria through the lenses of a local. I have lived there for 18 years and over the years, the landscape has gradually changed to the likings of wealthier people. They started to come in and build their luxury apartments that locals cannot afford so they are forced to move out as the rent prices increase.

As you go down the N or W train line to Astoria Ditmars, you can see the difference between the homes. One will be a luxurious apartment, next to it will be a tiny surviving house, and right next to it will be another apartment. You will also see how you can look into the apartments and see people doing their work or living their home life while you creep in unintentionally. This has changed the culture of Astoria.

Astoria used to be a calm area and there was a strong bond among the locals. When people started to move into the luxurious apartments and locals started to move out, Astoria became very busy and noisy and is now known to be little Manhattan. I began to see less and less of people that I grew up to know and noticed how people talked to each other less.

It’s upsetting to see the culture, the people, and the demographics of Astoria change. I cannot say that I live in Astoria because this is not the Astoria that I grew up in and loved; this New Astoria is filled with local’s blood.