By Rachel Shumunov, Arslan Habib, Magali Ramos, Isabella Calderon Ortiz, Kellyann Mckinney

After looking our project, audiences or viewers experiences what is like of being a mother. What problem women face after becoming a mother? So, men should try to give confront to their wife’s by giving support or do whatever they can for them rather than causing of more pain.

Google defines motherhood as “the state of being a mother.” And defines mother as a woman in relation to her child or children, To bring up a child with care and affection, to give birth to. We define motherhood as the act of raising a child as someone who identifies as a mother. Not all mothers are biologically female. Not all mothers birthed their children. Not all mothers are women. We specifically use the terminology, someone who identifies as a mother, to intentionally include mothers who fit outside of the social definition we hold of what a mother is and what a mother looks like. The term mother has preconceived societal notions deeply embedded within. Through this definition, we look to acknowledge those who don’t fit into the societal definition of mother and simultaneously unpack the negative effects of the social definitions we hold. However, we acknowledge that many experiences of Motherhood and issues involving Motherhood directly intersect with Women’s experiences and issues. In this exhibit, we’ll be directly addressing the intersection of Motherhood issues and Women’s issues.

“Don’t see me” by Jackie Carpenter