As a group, before submitting, you’ll want to get some things ready! Read this all the way to the end to find the submission form link!

  • Project Title
    • Pick a catchy title of a few words
  • An Excerpt/Short Description
    • Write something for your excerpt that will make someone want to click to read your full project post! Limit to 30 words.
  • Featured Image
    • Your featured image will display in previews of your post as well as when someone visits your full post! If you are in Seminar 3, this image will be your poster. Note: your upload file must be an image file type (not a PDF). Also include a short description of the image. This is called alt text, and is for site users with visual impairments. Ask your TLC for help if you do not know how to convert the file type or need help with alt text.
  • Your Project
    • This will be the body of the project post. This is the space to tell us everything.
    • Tell us about and show us your project! What do you want people to take away?
    • Remember to include:
      • Project Authors
        • The first and last names of everyone in your group. Please use the names each group member likes to be called, even if that is not the official name on record.
      • Project URL
        • If your project is on another website, or is a website.
        • Include links if your project can be viewed elsewhere, like youtube.
      • If you want to include HTML because you are fancy, feel free! You can learn simple tricks like how to make your text bold by clicking here.
  • PDF Upload
    • You can upload a file that is not an image here. If you are in Seminar 3, please upload your poster as a PDF in addition to the featured image you used.  If you are in Seminar 1 and you have a project that exists as a PDF, you can upload that here.
  • Add any extra images
    • Include a very brief description of the image to use as the alt text
    • Have more than 3 additional images? Send them to your TLC to add to your post.
  • Tags and Keywords
    • What are some words that describe your project? Write them here and separate them with commas!
  • Category
    • You’ll need to tell us whether you are in Seminar 1 or 3, your campus, and your faculty member.

When you have decided all of this, choose ONE group member to submit the project on the submissions page!

View sample submissions here:

See a Seminar 1 Sample Submission

See a Seminar 3 Sample Submission

Work better with video? Here are uploading instructions. This is shown on last year’s site, but the procedure is the same.

After you submit your information, it will be reviewed by the TLC. Please allow a couple of days for the project to go live on this site.

Submit your project here.