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Why Bugs “Bug” Us or Don’t

The root of this study’s importance stems from our need to, as humans, neutralize the threat. Due to our instinctual (and usually unnecessary) violence towards insects, urban ecosystems surrounding human living spaces generally display a lack of small wildlife. The insects and bugs our environments need to thrive are being disproportionately wiped out by uninformed humans.
Our study aims to answer the following: does our previous lifestyle (traveling, past experiences, residency) alter how an individual currently perceives and behaves towards bugs?

Noise vs. Slience

Noise and silence both describe sounds. As humans, sounds have a direct influence on our emotions. The city and the countryside are the epitomai of noise vs. silence.

Lois Mailou Jones

Lois Mailou Jones was an American Artist in the 20th century, who created various art-pieces. I discuss a few of her pieces and discuss their connections to the Harlem Renaissance.


What is the world without people? Who are we without our Creator? What are the intentions of G-d? A few questions to ponder in this visual piece of writing.


Art can be manifested even in the most mundane. This goes hand in hand with the idea of pareidolia, or finding themes and associations in how things are arranged, no matter how random they may be.