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Ballet Through Time

Swan Lake, La Bayadere, Sleeping Beauty… these are just some of the beautiful, famous ballet productions. Come and learn how ballet has evolved, and has produced wonderful works, such as these, for us to enjoy today!

“I” dentity

When exploring our exhibit, you are welcomed with an image of a human with a head as a mirror. This signifies how we see ourselves in the mirror differently than how other people see us. The mirror only shows us an indeterminate meaning of our identity because what really defines us is not found in our physical appearances but how we choose to belong in society with all of the intersectionalities of our identities.

Stages of Friendship

The evolution of friendship from childhood becomes a vital part of one’s experiences and life. The negative and positive moments coexist in one’s mine, working together to create a person. I want to inspire memories within my audience when they see these images.