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Noise vs. Slience

Noise and silence both describe sounds. As humans, sounds have a direct influence on our emotions. The city and the countryside are the epitomai of noise vs. silence.


What is the world without people? Who are we without our Creator? What are the intentions of G-d? A few questions to ponder in this visual piece of writing.

Eraser Poem

Have you seen an eraser poem? No? Yes? Let’s look at mine. The eraser poem is based off an essay about geckos. The essay is based on various images. Images which include about air, language, portrait, sound, movement, line, and event. Now, let’s see what I created.

What is Art?

This cute short video is a short video, animates a trip to the new york met. Two girls discuss the meaning behind two famous art pieces; “A pair of shoes” by Van Gough and “A girl with red balloons” by Banksy. The two girls discuss what features make Good art and bad art. In the end, they come to a conclusion. watch the video to find out what they decided.