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“Connections” explores the idea that people can transcend their known experiences through learning about the expressions of artists vastly different from themselves.

The Stonewall Inn, Greenwich Village

For my STEAM project, I decided to make some alterations to the landmark that is the Stonewall Inn. My additions were decided based on making the location and neighborhood more “alive” and active towards the message created by the LGBTQ+ community after the Stonewall Riots.


Learn about the rich Southern Slavic culture through Kolo! A style of traditional dance that is sure to make you want to get up and dance along!

Strawberry Fields Central Park

Thousands of tourists go to Strawberry Fields everyday to commemorate the life of late Beatle, John Lennon. Is there somebody else that we could celebrate for their dedication to John Lennon and to making Strawberry Fields a more welcoming place?


Tasked with creating individual photo-journals, we came to realize that the smaller, isolated moments loomed larger in our memories of our class. As such, we highlighted our photos as vignettes.