Jennifer Salzman

“Connections” explores the idea that people can transcend their known experiences through learning about the expressions of artists vastly different from themselves.

“Connections” is a poem, accompanied by images, that is displayed in the form of an iMovie. The poem highlights the cognitive shift that I experienced in myself this year. Before beginning college, my focus was solely on myself, my family, and my immediate community. However, as I entered college, it was as if the “bubble” that had been around me my whole life had popped. I was finally exposed to different people, ideas, ideologies, and perspectives, and they blew me away. Through the arts that we explored this semester, I learned about different individuals, groups, struggles, and experiences that existed outside of my “bubble.” I realized that what I know is but a fraction of what there is to know. This year, the idea of exploring, discovering, and connecting with different histories, perspectives, and individuals became a priority for me, and it will forever change the lens through which I see the world and my place in it.

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