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What is Art?

This cute short video is a short video, animates a trip to the new york met. Two girls discuss the meaning behind two famous art pieces; “A pair of shoes” by Van Gough and “A girl with red balloons” by Banksy. The two girls discuss what features make Good art and bad art. In the end, they come to a conclusion. watch the video to find out what they decided.

Star-Crossed Lovers

Two star-crossed lovers in Verona… and Jerusalem? Romeo y Julieta and Song of Songs encapsulate the true meaning of love, and show how language can be a work of art.

Two Wonderful Artworks of NYC

Two works of art that I’ve enjoyed most recently are the: “Panorama of the City of New York” by Robert Moses and Raymond Lester inside the Queens Museum, as well as “Letters of Suresh” by Rajiv Joseph, shown at the Second Stage Theater, which was the first play I’ve ever seen in person in NYC, and is an experience I would highly recommend. These works were made in completely different ways, and both have their own flaws, yet that doesn’t make them any less of an art piece.

Insight Into Art

Two artists take on distinct approaches to feminist art and create timeless relatable pieces. They branch into different sectors of feminism. Their different concepts reach viewers with the same intensity.