Category: Smith, Cheryl

“I” dentity

When exploring our exhibit, you are welcomed with an image of a human with a head as a mirror. This signifies how we see ourselves in the mirror differently than how other people see us. The mirror only shows us an indeterminate meaning of our identity because what really defines us is not found in our physical appearances but how we choose to belong in society with all of the intersectionalities of our identities.

Plugged In: The Playlist of the Pandemic

Our exhibit is centered around the art of music because practically everyone can appreciate it during this age. In a time when music has never been more accessible, it is interesting to see what listeners gravitated towards during the difficult times of the pandemic. Furthermore, the music that was released within the past year is representative of the times we have been living in and everything that has had light shed on during the pandemic. We wanted to illustrate this and introduce people to new music through our exhibit. At the end of the viewing, viewers can leave with a new song to add to their library, along with exposure to a new artist they might not have been familiar with before.

Tranquility in the City that Never Sleeps

The curators behind Tranquility in the City that Never Sleeps hope to show students how calming certain parts of the city can really be through photographs of a variety of parks and a soundtrack of noises that anyone might hear upon stepping into one of these parks and away from the loud city streets.