Samuel Klestzick, Nate Demchak, Molly Vashovsky, Raina Allen

We explore the ways in which the pandemic pushed the boundaries of inclusivity on various marginalized communities.

The pandemic was a difficult time for everyone. Many lost their lives due to Covid-19, people lost their jobs, businesses were forced to shut down, racial discrimination was at a high, and other groups were negatively affected by the pandemic. Our exhibit focuses on the ways the pandemic has made marginalized groups’ struggles more visible, and the actions taken to try and reach true equality as a result. The art dives into sub-topics such as mental health, Black Lives Matter, Asian hate and discrimination, people with disabilities, the at-risk population such as those experiencing homelessness, and those who struggled with the switch to remote learning. Although these groups endured challenges during the pandemic, our exhibit fixates on the inclusivity and awareness that has been raised and how this increased inclusivity has affected these communities.

Pandemic-Centric Inclusivity