Brianna Andujar

Noise and silence both describe sounds. As humans, sounds have a direct influence on our emotions. The city and the countryside are the epitomai of noise vs. silence.

My project consists of three pictures. One picture is of two lizards. The second picture is of a river. The third picture is of people on the subway. From these three pictures, I wanted to show the contrast between life in the city and in the country. Life in the city is fast-paced and noisy. In addition, everyone keeps to themselves; it’s a free-for-all. What I realized from living in the city is that you don’t really get to enjoy the present. This is shown in the third picture. In the picture, you can see that most people have their headphones on and looking at their phones. I think it’s important to get away from the city and connect with yourself and nature: the present. One way of doing that is by going on a hike outside the city. Which is how I took the first two pictures. These pictures to me represent tranquility. Which is essentially what life in the country is; it’s peaceful and beautiful. To conclude, what I want people to take from this is to go outside and become in tune with nature, as well as obtain peace of mind.