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The Arts in NYC 2021 Portfolio

This website contains a collection of my work completed this semester. It contains assignments completed for class, as well as my own final photography project.

Plugged In: The Playlist of the Pandemic

Our exhibit is centered around the art of music because practically everyone can appreciate it during this age. In a time when music has never been more accessible, it is interesting to see what listeners gravitated towards during the difficult times of the pandemic. Furthermore, the music that was released within the past year is representative of the times we have been living in and everything that has had light shed on during the pandemic. We wanted to illustrate this and introduce people to new music through our exhibit. At the end of the viewing, viewers can leave with a new song to add to their library, along with exposure to a new artist they might not have been familiar with before.

Comedy as an Art

Cracking jokes in comedy is more than it seems. It can comment on society for conversations through an artistic form of communication. This idea is reflected through Bo Burnham’s “Inside.”

Two Wonderful Artworks of NYC

Two works of art that I’ve enjoyed most recently are the: “Panorama of the City of New York” by Robert Moses and Raymond Lester inside the Queens Museum, as well as “Letters of Suresh” by Rajiv Joseph, shown at the Second Stage Theater, which was the first play I’ve ever seen in person in NYC, and is an experience I would highly recommend. These works were made in completely different ways, and both have their own flaws, yet that doesn’t make them any less of an art piece.