The Effects on Dogs Adopted During the Covid-19 Pandemic Given the Increase of Adoptions

Krista Marchisella

Pandemic Puppies: Examining the effects on puppies/dogs adopted during the Covid-19 pandemic. Has the increase in adoptions during this period positively or negatively effected these dogs?

Pandemic Puppies: During the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in dog adoptions all around the world. Due to lockdown, many puppies have missed out on the crucial socialization period of their lives, as well as developed behavioral issues and/or health issues, and face possible relinquishment due to owners returning to work. My research project examines data from several different databases in order to assess what effects there are on dogs adopted during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According the data gathered, majority of these dogs are still in homes and have not been relinquished to shelters. However, the many of the puppies imported overseas have been affected negatively. Due to the demand for pets during the pandemic, there has been an increase of breeders forging health and vaccination records, resulting in the animals suffering from poor health. In addition, many imported puppies are at a higher risk of having behavioral issues, and thus a higher chance of being relinquished.


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