Category: discovery

Noise vs. Slience

Noise and silence both describe sounds. As humans, sounds have a direct influence on our emotions. The city and the countryside are the epitomai of noise vs. silence.

The Arts in NYC 2021 Portfolio

This website contains a collection of my work completed this semester. It contains assignments completed for class, as well as my own final photography project.


Art can be manifested even in the most mundane. This goes hand in hand with the idea of pareidolia, or finding themes and associations in how things are arranged, no matter how random they may be.

Philosophical Zombies

A stop motion film visualizing the boundary between humans and animals, and emphasizing the importance of the human brain’s perception of reality.



“Connections” explores the idea that people can transcend their known experiences through learning about the expressions of artists vastly different from themselves.

“I” dentity

When exploring our exhibit, you are welcomed with an image of a human with a head as a mirror. This signifies how we see ourselves in the mirror differently than how other people see us. The mirror only shows us an indeterminate meaning of our identity because what really defines us is not found in our physical appearances but how we choose to belong in society with all of the intersectionalities of our identities.