There to Meet with… Macbeth!

Alp Doymaz, Michael Russo, Mizanur Rahman, and Matthew Wilson

Our project is a movie pitch for a film adaptation of Macbeth. It features Timothée Chalamet as Julius Hollinshed, and in the film, he auditions for a film adaptation of Macbeth (that’s right, he audions for a film version of Macbeth in a film about Macbeth), and becomes a deeply changed man when he doesn’t get the role. His plot to steal the main role from Daniel Fame (J. K. Simmons) puts him on an ironic path to destruction that teaches something crucial about the themes of the play he wanted so badly to perform.

The themes of our movie, about the limits of human constraint and our ability to heed the warnings of reason, provide a crucial commentary on human nature and the destructiveness of power’s timeless allure.

Plot Summary

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