Ahmai Chaney-Smith, Idrees Ilahi, Mohammad Mustafa, Jordan Angus

We’ve learned that these communal zones can be more than just a beautified space for greenery. Find out how connected the upcoming generation is to our community gardens.

Our project is about New York City college students’ attitudes and perspectives towards New York City gardens. The priority questions we have chosen are displayed on our poster and one of these questions was “Are you actively involved in a community garden near you?” I chose to make note of this question because an overwhelming amount of the respondents said they do not participate. There are certainly other activities that students have to be on top of throughout the school semester but the use of community gardens can help strengthen social networks, provide a workout given sufficient participation in the labor, and grant students serenity. Refocusing, apparently, there is a market of students that likely have not considered these possibilities of participation in a local community garden, and steps can be taken to change this.