Fariha Ahmed

Pareidolia is the idea that certain patterns, interpretations, and images can be derived from the way certain visuals are arranged. In line with this is the fact that anything can be art, as its introspective nature allows even the most random arrangements to be found interesting. I sought to find hidden art that would also touch on the subconscious. My seminar class allowed me to meet various artists with their own unique media for expression. Artists that intrigued me in particular were Marion Schoevaert and her shadow puppets, and Hussein Smko and his vivid dances. I therefore decided to make a short film using my hands, one of the most expressive parts of the body, and their shadows to depict a story based on my interpretations of the resulting images. Your own interpretations on the developments are welcome, as it is truly one’s own thoughts and perceptions that can guide them on how they feel based on what they see.

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