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Noise vs. Slience

Noise and silence both describe sounds. As humans, sounds have a direct influence on our emotions. The city and the countryside are the epitomai of noise vs. silence.

Tranquility in the City that Never Sleeps

The curators behind Tranquility in the City that Never Sleeps hope to show students how calming certain parts of the city can really be through photographs of a variety of parks and a soundtrack of noises that anyone might hear upon stepping into one of these parks and away from the loud city streets.

The Relationship of Dissolved Oxygen Levels and Species Diversity and Observation Frequency of Bivalves in New York City Waters

Bivalves, like mussels and oysters, play an important ecological role as filter feeders by filtering out algae, bacteria, and pollution to keep our waterways clean, but have died out in estuaries like NYC Harbor due to overconsumption and pollution. We examine the relationship between harbor water quality and the observation frequency and diversity of bivalves in hopes of determining the best ways to protect them.