Alex Kraljic

Oh! Why hello there! I didn’t see you come in! How rude of me, please, take a seat! I’m so happy to see that you have found my page, because now I can tell you a little bit about my favorite topic in the whole wide world, me.

What’s that? You just remembered you have somewhere to go? Oh but this will only take a minute! No no no I insist, the milk and cookies are already set out on the table, and I know you couldn’t possibly be so rude as to just leave me here to eat them all by my lonesome!

Now seriously, sit down.

Oh excellent you’ve decided to stay! Good idea. So, tell me about yourself! Just kidding! I don’t want to hear about that! This is MY page, don’t you forget it. But I digress. In fact, this entire post has just been one giant digression, I apologize. But this is me! I love to joke around and TRY to make people laugh, although I cannot vouch for the success of those attempts. I’m generally very light hearted and I try not to take things too too seriously, because then it’s no fun!

As far as hobbies are concerned, I am very much into music, both playing and listening. I’m in the Hunter Jazz Ensemble (playing trumpet), and whenever I have downtime, I am listening to some type of music whether it be alternative rock, classical, electronic, you name it…just not country  (my apologies T-Swift, that’s what you get for stealing the Grammy from Gaga).

I also LOVE Ultimate Frisbee, it’s a passion that I just developed this year, but I am heavily involved in the CUNY Ultimate Team, GO CUNYCORNS. That being said, I really enjoy most sports and I like being active. (P.S. COME SEE THE CUNYCORNS PLAY ON RANDALL’S ISLAND THIS WEEKEND (FEB 27/28)).

Hmmm, what else, well as many of you know I do enjoy a good pair of skinny jeans. And a blazer, dress shirt, bowtie, maybe even a bowler. Yeah, I’m pretty into clothes. Ummm, I have a fondness for bad movies, I’m a big fan of soccer on the international level, I’m a blackbelt, and I’m a nerd on the inside…and sometimes the outside.

Well, I believe that’s it! I do so appreciate you stopping by! Come back any time! Please…..please come back.

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