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For our presentation, we examined themes concerning education of Jews and Mexicans. There are relatively few similarities between the two groups with regard to education, as the context of both waves of immigration are altogether very different. That said, the examination of the type and expanse of education among immigrant groups helps understand the larger picture of immigrant life.

For Mexican immigrants, both legal and illegal, education is closely tied to socioeconomic success. Unfortunately, the educational systems in both the United States and Mexico are not providing Mexican students with the necessary tools to cross economic boundaries.

Contrary to the Mexican immigrants, the education of Jews in Eastern Europe, and as immigrants in America, was largely a derivative of each individual’s socioeconomic characteristics. For instance, in Russia, wealthy citizens were able to bribe their way out of mandatory government schools in order to focus on religious education. In America, as was common at the time, education often halted in order for young students to begin work. Still, an individual’s educational standing often told a detailed story about his or her entire life.

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