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As the title implies, my name is Krishan Sharma. For some reason though, most people can’t pronounce Krishan correctly and always end up saying very odd names instead that are usually horribly wrong . For that reason, many people just call me Kris. I’m probably going to major in either chemistry or math.

I’m fully Indian and a Hindu, with both my parents being from north India (Punjab). I’ve lived in India for some time and have gone back often, so my upbringing has been strongly influenced by my culture.

I live in Flushing, Queens, only a few blocks away from the Flushing Chinatown. I always take the 7 train and get to see the huge diversity of people getting on/off as the ride progresses.

Nico and I will be working on the “Pop Culture” section of this website, so check it out if you can! Thanks for listening

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