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Dear Class,

The web site parameters are being put into writing. If you have questions, refer to below, and then email me if you have any more questions. I have a detailed list of what you each talked to me about in your meetings, and I will be happy to remind you of our meeting in case you have forgotten.
Your Theme Front page will have 2-3 paragraphs comparing Mexicans and Jews. It will also have a “gateway” link to each of your individual portions.  This is the page that will be completed last, but you can all begin to lay it our if you have ideas.
Your web pages should follow a *single element* of your theme.  It will NOT be an overview of “Religion” in general, “culture” in general, etc.
For instance, Yuliya and Ann are working on the Family.  Yuliya will be discussing one Jewish family (which contains both there and here), and Ann will be discussing one Mexican family (covering here and there).  Then, the two of them will be contextualizing their ideas into the larger concepts about “Family” that they are learning from their research papers. However, they are not talking about ALL families.
For your outlines (due tomorrow)– you can give an overview of the software and sources you will use.  Or– how you hope to use them.  (Nico, for instance, will be embedding music onto his page. I am working on installing pod press for him to do that). In our personal meetings last week, we all discussed which “topic” or “single element” you would use.  Some of you had more thinking to do.  But by tomorrow, you should definitely have the “single element” defined.
I left our meetings last week feeling like I had a sense of where you were all going with this.
To summarize, then:
1) Your web pages will trace a single element of your theme and your immigrants, and your pages will utilize that single element to contextualize the larger problem.
2) Tomorrow’s “outline” should explain to us what your *single element* is, what you imagine as your software and sources, and what you are finding out so far.  You can explain this in a single paragraph in a Word Doc, and then paste it to your subpages.
I hope this helps. I am going to develop a Mock- Theme for you to look at closer on the web site.
All best,

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