Family and Gender

Jewish Immigration ((

Mexican Immigrant Families (From Insights on Law & Society 1.3 (Spring 2001): 18.)

The theme of Family and Gender Relations among Mexican immigrants will be discussed by Ann Paul. Two families, Don Gerardo’s and Don Emiliano’s, and the changes in their family and gender relations here and there will be compared. Even though these two families are not the quintessential examples of relationship changes due to immigration, the reader can get a slight understanding of what could cause relationship changes and how a family could cope with the consequences of immigration.

With the great amounts of Jews migrating from Eastern Europe in the beginning of the 20th century, fundamental changes in the structure and function of family and gender relations were inevitable. On the following pages I will discuss the overall shift of values between there and here, as well as a detailed example in the form of the Smolinsky family—an epitome of how ideas and values changed with the move to the United States.

Sources- Mexican Family and Gender Relations

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