Other the years, the park has developed and now encompasses an entire range of recreational facilities. There are thirteen baseball fields within Marine Park, as well as seven in the nearby Gerritsen Ballfields, and two in the Rocco Torre Ballfields. These fields are also used for playing softball. During certain seasons, a couple of the fields are used for Little League play.



There are several basketball courts, tennis courts, handball courts, and playgrounds distributed throughout Marine Park.


The basketball courts do not have any sort of racial segregation since people of different races and nationalities play basketball with each other. There is a large oval of greenery in which people can fly kites, play with their dogs, or play soccer.


There is a cricket field, which is sometimes used by local high schools to play cricket matches on. These are usually used for organized play for PSAL competition between New York City high schools.


Around the grassy oval is a one-mile path, which can be used for hiking, biking, walking, as well as dog walking.


There is a 210-acre golf course, originally opened in 1963. The reconstruction of basketball courts, tennis courts, bocce courts and baseball fields were finished in the end of the 20th century. There are also many events held in Marine Park. Events include building bird feeders in the Salt Marsh Nature Center, family camping, and canoeing.




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