Smokey Oval Park

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Smokey Oval Park, now known as Phil “Scooter” Rizzuto Park, is in Richmond Hill, Queens. The park is home to many South Asians. Just like any other park, Smokey Oval has a playground, basketball courts, a baseball field, and handball courts. Although many people, kids especially, come to the park to use these facilities, there are adults that gather together to participate in an activity known as Bird Racing.┬áBesides coming to the park for its facilities, there are people who drop by in hopes of earning some profit. One lady came by hoping to sell some Italian Ice on a bright sunny day. There was also a man hoping to sell some cotton candy. Smokey Oval has become an important cultural significance for the neighborhood, as it is the prime place to hold cultural events like Phagwah and Kabaddi, with the community.


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