You can’t talk about Marine Park without talking about the people. People of Irish and Italian descent are joined by Orthodox Jews and the black and Asian populations to form a coherent whole.

The people who come to this park are from all over Brooklyn including the neighborhoods Midwood, Flatbush, Crown Heights, Brighton Beach and Sunset Park.

Many of the park-goers admitted it was their first time in Marine Park. Athletes such as the cricket players come only for scheduled high school league games or practice, while little league baseball players frequent the park a couple of times a week during baseball season. Proximity is a key factor that affects how often people visit, with people from the surrounding neighborhoods coming the most often.

Immigrants make up a large percentage of this park. Cricket players come from countries such as Guyana, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, while baseball players are more a mix of Americans, South Asians and Dominicans. The assimilation of racial groups is the prime reason for little to no racial tension within the park.

Click here to hear a testimony about the park’s great diversity: Marine Park Demographics

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