Bowne Park is a residential park that serves residents nearby. There is a pond in the park used by visitors to feed geese. There were turtles in the pond a few years ago. However, they all disappeared. There is a bathroom facility in the middle of the park. Young visitors use the wall of the facility to practice their soccer skills. In the morning, a group of people use the basketball court to practice Tai Chi in an attempt to enhance their health. Afterward, the basketball court is used by youngsters and mid-age vistors for recreational basketball. The woody area is widely used by residents for individual jogging and walking activities. The playground in the park attracts mothers to bring their children to enjoy their afternoons or holidays. Italian residents in the neighborhood often gather around the bocce court to chat and have a fun day of bocce. They also welcome other ethnicities to join them for a unique bocce experience.

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Tai Chi

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