Bird Racing


Bird racing is an interesting pastime that is essentially a songbird singing competition. Mostly Guyanese immigrant men come to the park every Sunday morning to participate by bringing their trained finches to sing or “tweet”. If a man wants to challenge a competitor, he will simply place his birdcage next to the owner’s and let the birds sing their song. The owners, as well as the audience, listen to the sweet songs of the finches. The finch that tweets 50 times is the winner. Although bird racing seems very simple, it takes time to takeĀ A bird cage hangs on a tree, with a bird inside chirping. care of the finch. These competitions ultimately bring the Guyanese community in the area together. However, as recently as two years ago, federal officials have been investigating this activity. They have been looking into whether or not the finches being used have been smuggled from Guyana. As a result, many of the owners learn to breed their own finches to avoid any trouble with the law. Officials have also been scrutinizing the gambling aspect of the game. Nevertheless, people continue to gather at the park with their bird cages and enthusiasm so that bird racing can thrive in their culture infinitely.

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