Marine Park

Marine Park is located in Brooklyn between Gerritsen Beach and Mill Basin and runs from Filmore Avenue to Avenue U and Stuart Street to East 33rd Street. Over its 798 acres, this park is filled with many amenities for local residents and visiting park-goers. Between 13 baseball fields, cricket pitches, playgrounds, a nature reserve and a mile loop for jogging, bike riding or dog running, there is never a dull moment. Athletes can choose from basketball, baseball, soccer, bocce, cricket, handball and tennis. For a comparison on Basketball and Cricket in the park, click here.


Marine Park’s location is characterized by its friendliness and diversity. Groups such as Italians, Orthodox Jews and Russians, to name a few, not only share the park, but interact with each other as well. Pride for one’s park is the collective feeling that can be seen throughout.  Click here for more information on demographics of the park.

For more information about Marine Park, you can visit the park’s official page here.

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