Travers Park, though it is a small space, is used in many different ways. About one half of the entire park is an open black top that can be used for basketball, tennis, softball, or any other activities. The other half of the park is divided more into smaller areas with designated activities. Travers Park has two jungle gym areas, one for children between the ages of 5 and 12 and one fenced in area specifically for children under the age of 5. Some other features of the park include a tall fenced area with a ball that is primarily used for handball and racquetball, a fenced in basketball court, benches along the sides of the park and a few chess tables. Another great amenity that this park offers is bathrooms, though one grandmother laments that they often close a little too early.

Travers Park hosts the Greenmarket and Playstreet on the weekends. In the past, Travers Park also held Summer Sundays in the Park. Due to the great demand of the park, there has been much talk about expanding the size of the park.

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