Seward Park

Seward Park is a public park and playground located in the Lower East Side, near the edge of Chinatown. This park was built back in 1903. It was among the first fruits of The Outdoor Recreation League’s (ORL) initiative to create a safe place where children could play and neighbors could gather. After several different renovations and reconstructions, the park still serves the same function.

Kids and their parents on the swingsFences make great, cheap ballet bars!An elderly man practicing tai chiSome creative use of available equipmentA typical view of the playgroundA girl enjoying her recessBuddies stretching on the basketball courts' fencesPublic restrooms are available for as long as the park is openMen like the one above concentrate intensely on the slow movements of tai chi practiceSome classes like to have their lunch outdoorsLittle Chinese schoolchildren are often seen entering and exiting the grounds on weekdaysEveryone enjoys the playgrounds, benches and trees around the park!

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While the Outdoor Recreation League was created for the Jewish immigrants, a majority of the park users are Chinese immigrants. The strong presence of the Chinese immigrants has brought different activities, such as dance and Tai Chi, into the park. In addition, many of the park visitors have the option to visit the Seward Park Library. The library has a Chinese presence similar to the park.

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