Our project portrays the lifestyle of two different families through videos and images of the kitchen table. The “Kitchen Table Series” by Carrie Mae Weems offers a variety of photos in black and white that are shot from the same angle at her kitchen table at different points in her life. Through these images we learn more about her home life, relationships, family and how she views herself. For our project we compared this art piece to a well known American sitcom, also known as “Friends”. In the show “Friends”, six characters grow through 10 seasons and the audience gets to see them change. By deciding to take clips of this show from when they are near their kitchen table, we show a parallel between Weems’ work and how it can connect to a tv sitcom set in NYC. In both settings of Weems’ life and the show Friends, we see how much things can change and how much people can grow in the setting of one corner in their home.

Ariel Yusupov, Alyssa Beril-Newman