Michael Caligara

I made the top of my mask to represent a fiery horizon between two cliffs, representing the growth of ideas within the vast space that is my mind. The spiral details around my eyes represents the chaos of exploring the world around me as I continue to grow and mature; the dark purple represents the confusion and conflict that can arise, while the yellow represents the curiosity and possibility that can come out of exploring new things. The “Yes!”s and “No!”s that I have on each cheek represent the constant mental battle between doing what I want and doing what I must, which is something that most people struggle with on a daily basis. The base of my mask uses the colors green and red of the Italian flag to represent my mostly Italian heritage and the importance of family in my life. The facial hair design, purposely made to resemble the “V for Vendetta” mask design, represents the unfortunately huge amounts of anonymity behind most socialization that goes on today, especially with recent advancements in technology and the growth of the internet.