Tag: Climate change

Sharks in NYC

Sharks are a vital part of the NYC oceanic ecosystem. Over the past years, rising sea temperatures are attracting nonnative shark species and changing the ecosystem.

Global Warming: A New New York City

New York City is falling victim to the consequences of humans polluting and mistreatment of the environment. With rising sea levels, temperatures, and increased extreme precipitation events, the city is forced to consider infrastructure and policy changes that will change the landscape and functioning of New York City.

CUNY Energy Management Structure

Learn about CUNY’s energy management, how CUNY schools compare to each other in terms of energy management, future goals of Brooklyn College and other CUNY schools in limiting energy use, and what students can do to contribute!

Changes in Leaf Coloration

It would make sense that global climate change is having an impact on how leaves change colors. The goal of our experiment is to assess if there are any tangible impacts climate change may be having on fall leaf coloration.