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Ballet Through Time

Swan Lake, La Bayadere, Sleeping Beauty… these are just some of the beautiful, famous ballet productions. Come and learn how ballet has evolved, and has produced wonderful works, such as these, for us to enjoy today!

Pablo Picasso: An Icon in the World of Art

Without a doubt Pablo Picasso was arguably the most important, recognizable, and influential artist of the 20th century. Over his lifetime there were many turning points in his career and events happening in his private life that really influenced his artworks. Picasso’s works were inspired by other artists before him, politics, society and most notably his muses. His vision led to the creation of some of the most important movements in modern art. His work spans over nine decades of his life with many of them going through several periods and changes in the artists as seen on each canvas.

The Statue of Liberty

Everyone knows about the iconic Statue of Liberty. But do you know the history of the infamous statue and area that it was placed on? What new and exciting alterations could be done to the Statue of Liberty we have recognized for so long?