Taseen Islam


Hello, my name is Taseen Islam and my art piece is called, “(AI)ntrospection.” I have always been fascinated by artificial intelligence and the ways that it’s used. I believe that AI is the future of human civilization and will bring greater accomplishments in 10 years than we have made in 10,000 years. I have been an avid fan of the Cyberpunk genre since I was a kid, and to pay homage to artificial intelligence, I decided to make an art piece about AI using AI.

In order to create this piece, I spent a couple of weeks looking up different AI and trying out their image generation capabilities. I wanted to use one that captured the mystique of AI while also showing its boundless possibilities, and after searching for a while, I decided on WOMBO Dream. I made a list of prompts I fed into the AI, which it used to create images based on the prompt. These prompts included, “human robot symbiosis,” “future of artificial intelligence,” “the creation of AI,” and much more. In the end, I selected over 30 images to use in the final collage. My art piece is a triptych focusing on the past, present, and future of artificial intelligence. As you go from left to right, the images go from the creation of AI to the future of AI. You can zoom in to see each individual picture and notice the human-technology interaction portrayed in many of the images. Programming was a big theme in the images regarding the past of AI, and symbiosis was a big theme in the images of the future of AI. In the center of the piece, you can see a robed figure watching over thousands of screens. The prompt for this image was, “picture yourself.”