Mary Brito, Christian Camareno, Victoria La Rosa, Margaret Timothy

Many urban planners have integrated nature into their developments in hopes of uniting, embracing, and reconnecting communities with nature. This is because nature enhances our well-being and health as it provides us with the resources necessary for human existence.

Furthermore, Central Park and the Naval Cemetery Landscape have been integrated as nature centers in New York City. They serve for public education, recreational activities, and environmental studies. Not only this, but these parks are habitats for a variety of the bee species.

Bees play a crucial role, and their diversity is vital. Statistically, “bees perform about 80% of all pollination worldwide,” demonstrating how bees are essential for pollination. Without them, plants wouldn’t be able to reproduce, create seeds, grow, or provide us with food. This in turn, directly affects us, humans.

Therefore, bees are keystone species that keep our ecosystems growing and thriving.

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