Kavian Williams, Veronica Zheng, Izabella Bangiyeva, Phuntsok Lama

Due to the rapid integration of technology into personal lives and homes over recent decades, there seems to be a need to analyze how technology affects the future of the modern world — young adults, specifically those in college who are arguably feeling the brunt of technological expansion. By surveying Hunter College undergraduate students about their studying habits and determining the influence of technology on their academic performance, our research supported the fact that access to technological devices (especially a laptop) positively affects one’s GPA. The data also showed that although newer forms of technology are widely used for studying, especially in STEM programs, there may be certain limitations to how much technology can improve a student’s performance in school. This project was created by Izabella Bangiyeva, Kavian Williams, Phuntok Lama, and Veronica Zheng for MHC Seminar 3: Science and Technology in NYC.

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