Amanda Roman, John Eliscu, Samihah Tahsin, Rebecca Yadgarov

Water is the foundation of life. New York City (NYC) obtains its water from three watersheds upstate: the Catskill, the Delaware, and the Croton basins. This fresh water flows down to the city, mainly by gravity, so that it is available for use by you and every other NYC resident. Thanks to this process, we are lucky to have access to clean water on a daily basis. Despite this, traces of lead have been found in our famous NYC tap water. The lead found in drinking/tap water primarily enters the water through outdated and corroding plumbing materials and pipes. In turn, this lead can cause severe health issues for children and adults. With this information, we decided to find out which areas in NYC have the most traces of lead and if having more housing built prior to 1961 has anything to do with it. We hope that our project will enlighten people on which boroughs in NYC have been found to have higher concentrations of lead in their water and to look for possible ways to solve this issue.

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