Jacky Cheng Li

Memories are links to the past that brings one’s self to a moment of happiness, sadness, contemplation, or other various feelings. Certain topics, however, are linked more to a feeling than any other feeling. For me, this is eating and food with happiness. Food has somehow found its way various times into my life since college started, both new and old foods, and I use this project as a way of self reflection into how it influenced me. Detailing some of my past experiences within the shops and restaurants of New York City, I take a deeper dive into what goes behind me going to there in the first place, how it has changed since the pandemic, and how, still, the atmosphere remains the same despite of the pandemic. This project idea of mine came after viewing an online art exhibition that detailed the artist’s history and development over her life and a want, or need, for self reflection during the time of COVID. Understanding how crucial memories are and how food contributes to many of those good memories, I made this project so that people could both take the opportunity to self-reflect on good memories on their own to give them comfort as they see mine, while also seeing some of the places I like to frequent and possibly getting the idea to go there themselves.


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