Rita Chen, Chantel Umeozor, Ajla Kastrat, Adrijana Mehmedovic

The project that my group and I decided to pitch is called “MacBack to the Past”. In our film, after marrying his highschool sweetheart, Macback thought his life was complete…until an anonymous person wrote him a letter, exposing his wife’s secret love affair. Frustrated because he does not want to risk ending his marriage in a confrontation, Macback receives another letter from the anonymous person, informing him of a way to time travel and find out when the affair started. In our psychological thriller, when time travel meets a devastated man, the unexpected becomes the expected. The ultimate plot of our movie is to find out what Macback will do when he meets the secret lover and will he be able to save his marriage. Something that we want viewers to take away from our movie is the lengths that a love-smitten would go in towards to restore his marriage.


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