Tag: New York City

The Worst Train

Every New York resident has their least favorite train, but which train really underperforms the most? Why are these trains tragically bad? What changes can be made?

Confucius Monument, Chinatown

Confucius traveled to China in hopes for spreading his ideas on morals that would contribute to the restoration of prosperity, justice and order. Similarly, to China, in New York City’s Chinatown generations of family members work together to preserve their community and cultural heritage. The statue of a famous philosopher is a reminder to honor the authentic traditions of the nation.

Global Warming: A New New York City

New York City is falling victim to the consequences of humans polluting and mistreatment of the environment. With rising sea levels, temperatures, and increased extreme precipitation events, the city is forced to consider infrastructure and policy changes that will change the landscape and functioning of New York City.