Political Networks


Throughout the history of the Caribbean Diaspora, starting from the decolonization of the island nations by the world powers, political forces have driven many of the phenomenons in the movement of Caribbean people. As Caribbean moved throughout the world, they followed a transnational form of migration. This built expansive social networks throughout the world. Political transnational networks existed from the time of earlier Caribbean migration waves and extend into today’s political realms of New York and the Caribbean.

Contemporary Politics

Today, we see the emergence of Caribbean Migrants and Second Generation Migrants as the key-holders of these political networks. These political networks serve to help people involved in Caribbean transnational networks by giving them a presence in New York and Caribbean politics. In return the networks provide the individuals, who seek office, political capital and influence. There are four manifestations of these political network interactions:

1. Caribbean-American Politicians acting in order to help the diaspora.

2. Caribbean-American Politicians acting in order to help the home country.

3. Mass political involvement.

4. Political action when returning to the home country.

by Nicolás Yehya

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