Music, Art, and the Carnival

Our project focuses on the expression of Caribbean culture in the forms of art, music, and the Brooklyn Carnival. We start off by showcasing various examples of Caribbean art (both traditional and contemporary) and by analyzing the role of art in representing and maintaining Caribbean culture. We then move on to music by giving a brief history of Caribbean music and by diving into four musical genres with Caribbean roots: Calypso and Soca, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Ska. We end with the Brooklyn Carnival by giving a history and overview of the event and by analyzing the festivities on a much deeper level.

In our exploration of music, specifically in analyzing calypso, soca, reggae, and ska, we analyzed its roots and its evolution as it came to New York City. Now, they have a transnational audience and, as the culture that they originated from became global, so did the music. With the global exposure, they have had some changes in their sounds. The generations that followed the one that created the sound have adapted the sound to their culture. The Caribbean people are not the only ones that listen to this music, so do Caribbean-Americans, and so do the non-Caribbean.

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