In conclusion, religion has allowed many Caribbean immigrants to maintain their individuality and culture while assimilating to American culture. It may be hard and overwhelming to adjust to a new land filled with people who are completely different from the people back home, but having a support system, which is often times a religious community, can help incentivize the immigrants to continue moving forward with life. Having the self-confidence and motivation that religion tends to provide people with is important, especially for those who are most vulnerable like immigrants.

It is also important to observe how Caribbean immigrants have changed the religious image of America. Before Western religions were always more traditional, with the inclusion of latin prayers, organ music, Gregorian chants. Caribbean folk (along with other immigrants) brought over their traditions and customs, changing the ways to worship God as well as the relationship and dynamic between the clergy and the laity. The Church in huge urbanized centers of the country has become more like the immigrant church for the immigrants. What makes the syncretic religions even more appealing to is that they show how religion is interpreted differently be people throughout the globe. Although there are certain common areas amongst different religions, there are also huge differences that cause some people to become scandalized. It is so interesting to see the long-lasting effects of colonization on the Caribbean and other places around the globe.

shouter-baptist-Liberation-Day-4Just in this picture we can see the mixture of Roman Catholicism with African traditions.


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